1. In RMS Manager, Select Configuration, Custom Captions
Note the custom field For example, Student ID)

2. In POS, Open a student, Properties, and note the Account Number. On the Additional Tab, note the Incorrect text field. This is the field that shows on the POS Transaction Screen. That's why the Account number pulls up the correct customer.

3. To see who has correct/incorrect account numbers, go to Manager and select Report > Customer > List. Select no filters and view results. Right click on columns to Show/Hide columns and remove all columns except Acct #, Name, and that Customized text field (Student ID). Then move the two numerical fields beside each other for easy comparison.

To make the change for a large number of incorrect records, follow these steps AFTER creating a valid back up and insuring that all users are out of all databases:
1. In Store Operations Manager, click the Configuration button, then the Captions button.
2. In the Text Fields column, one of the fields will be labeled Student Record Number - make note if this is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Text Field.
3. Make sure that you have a good backup of both your RMS and Student Billing databases and that everyone is out of the system.
4. Launch Store Operations Administrator and click the Connect button.
5. From Query on the menu bar, select New.
6. Enter the following text: Update Customer Set CustomTextX = AccountNumber Where CustomTextX <> AccountNumber
7. Replace the X in CustomTextX with the number of the text field. For example, if the first Text Field column is the one that contains the caption “Student Record Number” then the line would read Update Customer Set CustomText1 = AccountNumber Where CustomText1 <> AccountNumber
8. Press F5 or click the Execute (arrow) button. You should receive a message that the statement executed successfully.
9. Immediately spot-check a few records to make certain that this achieved the desired results.
10. Once you have confirmed this, make another backup of the database prior to allowing users to re-enter the system.