I need to import major giving prospects and their prospect manager

You may need to update constituents who are major giving prospects and assign them the correct Prospect Manager. 
We will use a constituent update batch to import the Major Giving Prospect Constituency and attach their Prospect Manager. If the Constituent isn't yet in your database, the Update Batch will add them in.

Step 1: Configure and Download your Header File
  1. From Administration, Select Batch > Batch Entry
  2. On the left in the task bar, Select Batch Templates
  3. Select the arrows to the left of the Constituent Update Batch, Select Edit
  4. On the Select Fields and Defaults Tab, Ensure that Constituencies and Prospect Manager are in your file
    1. On the left select Constituencies, Move to the right
    2. On the left select Prospect Manager, Move to the right
  5. Save
  6. From Administration, Select Import
  7. On the left select Generate Import Header File
  8. Select Constituent Update Batch in the Batch Template Dropdown
Step 2: Populate your Header File
  1.  Populate your Header File with the following information
    1. Constituent ID
    2. Last Name
    3. Constituent Type
    4. Constituency: Major Giving Prospect
    5. Prospect Manager
  2. Save the file as a .CSV file, and close
Step 3: Configure your Import Process in Altru
  1. From Administration, Select Import > Add
  2. Name the Process and Upload your .CSV File
  3. Select Next
  4. Select Automap to map your header fields
  5. Select the Constituencies row, Select Map Collection field > Select Auto Map
  6. Select Next, Navigate to the Other Tab
  7. Under Search list fields, Select Quick find
  8. Save
  9. Start Process
  Major Giving Header File.csv

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