Complete following steps to set the count date to a time after the opened date.
  1. Click OK to the error message, 'Invalid count Date. In order to continue, items must not have count dates that are earlier than the physical inventory open time.' to return to the Physical Inventory Count window. 
  2. Right-click in the Items pane and select Show/Hide Columns. 
  3. If the Count Date column is not marked in the Options window, select it to include it in the columns to display. 
  4. Click OK to save the changes and exit the Options window. The Items pane now includes the Count Date column. 
  5. Locate the items that have a Count Date that is earlier than the Opened date. The Opened date is displayed at the top of the Physical Inventory Count window. 
  6. Change the Count Date to occur after the Opened date. 
  • To make changes to one item, click the Count Date field for that item, and then click the expansion button (square button with 3 dots on it) to open the Count Date window. Enter the appropriate count date and time and then click OK. 
  • To make changes to all items, click the Set Dates button that is only displayed when the Count Dates column in the Physical Inventory Count window is displayed. Enter the appropriate count date and time and then click OK. 
  1. When all item count dates are set to occur after the physical inventory open date, click Calculate to view the expected inventory quantities for the items selected and continue with the Physical Inventory.