The roles below are all of the roles that currently have the Student Worklist task.

In Core:
  • Platform Manager
In onCampus:
  • Academic Group Manager
  • Activity Group Manager
  • Advisory Group Manager
  • Alumni Group Manager
  • Athletic Group Manager
  • Community Group Manager
  • Conduct Manager
  • Dorm Group Manager
In onRecord:
  • Schedule Manager
  • Attendance Manager

To make sure the task is enabled:
  1. Go to Core
  2. Select Users/Access > Profile
  3. Select Manage Roles
  4. Click on the Role
  5. Click Tasks on the left
  6. Click Edit
  7. Mark the Student Worklist task (if not already marked)
  8. Click Save & Exit

Once the role is added to the user, they will be able to access the worklist in the product that relates to the role given:
  • Core (Platform Manager)
  • onRecord (Schedule Manager and Conduct Manager)
  • onCampus (Academic Group Manager, Activity Group Manager, Advisory Group Manager, Alumni Group Manager, Athletic Group Manager, Community Group Manager, and Dorm Group Manager)