What are the differences between Database View and NXT Web View?

What are the differences in Database View and NXT Web View?

NXT Web And Database Views: Side By Side

For NXT users, both available interfaces offer different ways of viewing your information. Some users may work in one view, while others will work between the two. It is important to know the key differences.
 Database ViewNXT Web View
What is the URL?
  • Login2.blackbaudhosting.com
  • Renxt.blackbaud.com
What do I use to sign in?
  • Your unique citrix login (e.g. [SiteID]REUser1) to access the Hosting Portal
  • Your Raiser’s Edge application username (e.g. Supervisor) to access your database
  • Your Blackbaud.com login (your email address or linked Google account)
    • Note: this is the same login used for training and chatting with support
What does Raiser’s Edge look like?
  • Classic, full Raiser’s Edge application accessed using Citrix
  • 100% Web-based
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fundraising, Lists and Control Panel access
  • Constituent records with moveable tiles
What type of work will I do here?
  • Most Data Entry
  • Gift Processing
  • Event management
  • Complex queries
  • Creating online forms & email blasts
  • Data Enrichment Services (e.g. AddressFinder)
  • Database cleanup
  • Manage fundraiser assignments and portfolio performance in Work Centers.
  • Analyze fundraising performance via Fundraising – Analyze using SKY Reporting.
  • Create custom lists of constituents, gifts, actions and opportunities (if RE:Search is present) using NXT Lists.
  • Tracking interactions.
  • Updating constituent contact information
What are my go-to resources?
Let’s begin with the database view. This view is accessed using Citrix by logging into Blackbaud Hosting Services page with your unique username, clicking your Raiser’s Edge application icon and entering your application credentials.  The first set of credentials used grants you access to our servers; your application credentials grant you access to your organization’s data. When thinking about hosting credentials and application credentials, I like to use the following analogy related to a gated community: your hosting credentials let you in the gate, but it is your application credentials that allow you into your home.

Database view is heavily used by data entry folks. This is where you may run all of your reports, enter new gifts, access Online Express and more.  This is also where you may access the Data Health Center to run any enrichment services, such as AddressFinder. This view is the same as the application you may have had installed directly on your computer if you had migrated from a local install.

Web View is the additional, consistently updating web-based interface which is accessed by logging into your Blackbaud.com account. This is the same account used to chat with our Product Support teams, access training and post in the Community. In order to access Web View, a Supervisor within Raiser’s Edge must first invite you.  One of the many appealing features of NXT is that Web View may be accessed on your desktop or mobile devices (and resizes accordingly!); be sure to check out our prior blog post “Mobilize your Fundraising Efforts” for steps on how to add a short cut to NXT on your mobile devices’ home screen.
Currently, the Web View is mainly used by Fundraisers. This is where the Work Centers are housed. Work Centers are the one-stop shop for everything needed to cultivate relationships and secure gift opportunities for your assigned constituents. This tool allows users to quickly access constituent and prospect data, as well as create and organize lists, in a customizable view.

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