Adding an Educational Institution from the Educational Catalog creates a suppressed organization constituent record

User's have the ability to add Educational Institutions from the Educational Catalog. This creates a suppressed organization record with limited functionality.
Educational institutions exist as non-constituents in the database.  These records do not surface in Constituent query views and searches.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Add an institution from Administration > Educational Catalog
2. Open a constituent record and add an organization relationship to this new institution
3. Once the relationship has been established click on the link to the organization from the constituent relationships tab
4. The record appears to be a functional organization record with the exceptions of constituencies, revenue is limited to tributes, and there are no communications or smartfield tabs.
5. Note the Lookup ID and attempt to search for this organization; 0 results.
6. Create an Ad-Hoc query against this organizations's Lookup-ID and note the results are blank.


 Blackbaud CRM

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