To set up Exclusions:

  1. Start from your Academics persona.
  2. Navigate to Grades > Grades Management > Manage Hold
  3. To add a new Exclusion (hide Report Cards/Transcripts from a Student/Family), click the Record Exclusions button in the upper right corner.
  4. Step 1 of 3: Search for the user(s) by Role and/or Last Name or First Name, then click Search.
  5. Once the user(s) appear in the Search Results channel, click the blue >> link to the left of their name(s) to move them to the Added Users channel. Once you've added all your users you're creating an Exclusion for, click Next. (To move all users that are in the Search Results channel, click the Move All button in the upper right of the channel).
  6. Step 2 of 3: Enter in the Exclusion Description (ex. Outstanding Tuition).
  7. Next, select View Report Cards and/or View Transcripts to prevent the user(s) from viewing these items. Then click Next.
  8. Step 3 of 3: If you want to prevent the user(s) relations from seeing Report Cards/Transcripts, you can select "Include ALL Relations," or you can select individual relations by checking off the box to the far right of their name. Once you've selected your relations, click Save & Exit.
This will then put the Exclusion in place, and prevent the user(s) from seeing Report Cards and/or Transcripts.
To manage/remove Exclusions:
  1. Start from your Academics persona..
  2. Navigate to Grades > Grades Management > Manage Hold
  3. Using the Select Filter Options channel on the left, filter for the Exclusion/Role/User(s) you want to manage, then click View to update the results.
  4. To edit the Exclusion, click Edit to the far right of the Exclusion.
  5. To remove the user(s) from the Exclusion, click Delete to the far right of the user(s) name.
  6. To delete the Exclusion, click Delete to the far right of the Exclusion.