1. Click Start, Programs, Microsoft Retail Management System, and select Configure Microsoft OPOS Service Objects
  2. Select Line Display as the Device type and click New
  3. Assign an OPOS device name (Example: pole) and click OK
Note: The device name should be a basic one word descriptor for the device. Example: pole, printer, drawer, or msr. 
  1. In the next window, set the Device ID to PD2000 
  2. Enter the manufacturer's recommended settings for baud rate, stop bits, parity, etc.
Note: These directions are for a serial pole display. You will not need to enter an Aloha code. 
  1. Click OK to commit the settings. 
  2. Click TEST, and then view the Pole Display screen to get an indication that the pole display tests successfully. 
  3. Once you receive a message indicating your pole display has tested successfully, start Store Operations Manager. 
  4. Select Database, Registers, Register List, click Properties for the Register you are using, and select the Pole Display tab
  5. Insert the OPOS device name 
Note: Ensure that you have a Pole Display Message assigned in the Pole Display tab. 
  1. Re-start Store Operations POS to activate your pole display