1. Launch the Store Operations POS application to bring up a blank transaction screen.
2. Press CTRL + F3 to begin recording a macro.
3. Choose your macro assignment key from the drop-down list of available keys. (ALT F1, F2, F3, etc...or CTRL ALT F1, F2, F3, etc...).
4. Assign the macro a name in the Caption field and hit Enter. (Example: 10% Discount)
5. Press Shift F3 to bring up the discount window.
6. Press Shift F3 again to un-pause the macro recording engine.
7. Press ALT D to discount from retail price.
8. Press ALT T and use the numerical keys to enter the discount percent, then press Enter.
Note: You should use the row of numbers across the top of your keyboard. Using the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard can sometimes cause the macro to record improperly.
9. Choose the appropriate Reason Code, if necessary, and press Enter. If you do not require a Reason Code, simply press the ESCAPE key in the Reason Code window.
10. Press CTRL F3 to finish recording the macro.
11. To test the macro, bring up a new transaction screen and press the ALT + function key you assigned to the macro. The discount percentage should appear in the header section of the POS screen.