Option #1: To edit the number of tickets available for purchase for all scheduled programs online:
  1. Select the Web Tab
  2. Click Manage Program forms
  3. From the left hand side, click Online settings for tickets. 
  4. In the field labeled Ticket Limit, enter the number of tickets you wish customers to be able to purchase at once. 
  5. Click Save. 
    • Note: We are only able to limit Online Ticket Sales globally. A change to this ticket limit will take effect for every program web form.

Option #2: To limit Programs and Program Events to certain Membership programs:
  1. Navigate to Events > Program Search
  2. Open the Program record that needs restriction
  3. From the Program record, at the top left click Edit Program.
  4. In this menu, under the Restrict Ticket Sales header, you can add specific membership programs to include in this program. You can also select all program members.
  5. If you want to further restrict ticket sales, you could then set a ticket limit per transaction in the right column. This will allow members to only purchase a set amount of tickets at a time.
    • Note: These restrictions will only affect events that you have yet to create. If you have already created the event, you will need to go into each event and change these settings from the Event Record.

Option #3: For Preregistered Programs and Events, we can edit the amount of tickets a constituent could buy through each Event's web form:
  1. Navigate to Web > Manage Event Registration Forms
  2. Find the Program Event form you'd like to restrict, click the green arrows next to the name, and choose Options.
  3. Here, under Registration Options, you'll see a box where we can set the Ticket Limit for constituents purchasing online
    • Note: This Ticket Limit works on the Event level. You'll need to change each event's form individually.