The parent won't see posts in the Resource Board if their child does not have an enrollment for the current school year. Access to the Resource Board itself is based on the Parent role, but the posts within the board are granted based on the child's school level for the current school year. If the child doesn't have any enrollments for the school year marked current, they don't have a school level, and therefore the parent won't see any posts.

To change the current school year:
  1. Core > School Information > Years & Terms 
  2. Select the appropriate school year > Edit
  3. Set Current year to Yes > Save & Close

To add enrollments to a student, navigate to:
  1. Core > People Finder > select the student
  2. Access tab > select the Edit icon next to Student > Enroll in School
  3. Enter information regarding the School Year and Grade Level the student should be enrolled
  4. Save & Exit