I. Create the form

1. Go to: Site explorer
2. Click Forms. Forms appears.
3. Click New form. The Form Designer appears.
4. Choose the Form Type
5. Enter the Form Name
6. Click Next

If you do not want to create a form from scratch, you can copy a form or use a sample as a
starting point.

*To copy a form, locate it in the Forms gallery and click Click here to copy this form. On the
Copy Form screen, enter a name, select a folder, and click Next. The Form Designer appears,
and you can edit the form as necessary

7. See the Form Guide for additional details on the options available when configuring your form. 

II. Create a Form Display part and add your form(s) to it

After you complete the form, you can place it on your website. To do this, you create a Form Display
part in Parts and select the forms to include on the part. 

1. Go to: Site Explorer
2. Click: Parts
3. Click: New part
4. Select: Form Display from the Part type dropdown
5. Enter a name for the part in Part Name
6. Click Next
7. From the Design tab, click Add Form under Forms to add an entry to the list of forms on the part.
8. To select a form, click the binoculars in the Form column. The Select a Form screen appears. Locate the form and click Select. The form appears in the field.
*Note: To save the Form Display part, you must add at least one form to the part. 
*You create and manage forms in Forms. If you create a Form Display part before you create the forms for it, you must select an existing form as a placeholder. 

9. Under Display Name, enter a name for the form to appear in the list of available forms on your website.
10. Under Captions and Properties, select whether to include links for users to request forgotten passwords and user IDs. By default, the program includes links for users to log in or register for the site.
*Note: The Form Display part requires you to configure a new user registration email message and a forgotten password/user ID email message. 
*The part requires these email messages even if the forms you include on the part do not require users to log in or register.
*To change the text for the links, select the Language tab. For information about the Language tab, see Language Tab on page 16 in the Parts Guide.
11. (Optional) Under Constituent Code, select the constituent code to assign to users who register for your website through this part. 
12. Under Navigation, browse to the web page you want to appear after users log out. If you do not select a page, the home page from the Settings tab in Sites & settings appears by default.
13. Under Additional Fields, select the biographical fields to include on the new user registration form. In the grid, select Include for each field to include on the form. To make a field required, select Required. When you select Include for the Address block and Gender fields,they are automatically required.
14. (Optional) In the Role Assignment frame, select Member for each role to assign to users who register for your website through this part
15. Click Save. 
*For more information about how to create and design forms, see the Parts Guide

III. Create a page

Click here for steps for creating a webpage.

IV. Place the Form Display Part on your page

Click here for steps on how to add a common, online admission, or online re-enrollment form to a page in NetCommunity.