The Raiser's Edge crashes when merging letter from constituent record

When merging a letter from a constituent record, that is marked as Inactive, Has no valid address, or Deceased, users may see the message that RE7 has stopped working. 
RE can crash due when attempting to run letters for constituents that do not meet the specific criteria for the Export settings.  To resolve:
  1. Open the exiting export for the Letter being used 
  • If the name of the export is not known, go to Config> Letters
  • Select the letter type being used (e.g, Gift, Constituent, Action)
  • Double-click to open the letter code and note the name of the export
  • Go to Export and open the export for the letter
  1. On the General tab, under the Include these Constituents section, mark the checkboxes for Inactive constituents, Deceased constituents, and Constituents with no valid address
  2. Click Save and Close
  3. Go back to the constituent record to run the letter
  1. Open the constituent record and confirm:​
  • The Deceased? checkbox is not marked
  • The Has no valid address checkbox is not marked
  • The Is inactive checkbox is not marked
  1. Unmark each checkbox, as needed
  2. Save and Close the constituent record
  3. Re-open the constituent to create the letter

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into The Raiser's Edge
  2. Open a record that is marked as Inactive, Has no valid address, or Deceased
  3. From the menu bar, select Letter and choose the desired Letter
  4. Error may occur


 Raiser's Edge

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