This can occur if there are more than 99 pages for a given Batch number and batch sequence on the account. This can only occur if the client uploads transactions with the page set on them and one of the records has a Page = 0. The page field can only hold 2 characters, but if you upload 0 then from 0 to 99 you can have 100 pages for a given batch item.

While it does not cause an issue during the upload or posting, if you go to adjust one of the transactions for this group of pages, then it will call a piece of code that holds a count of how many pages there are for the batch sequence item, which can only hold 2 characters. But the total here is 100, which is too large for the variable.

Note:  Clients should not upload a Page 0 for batch items, as that is not a valid page number.

To resolve this issue, a datafix will need to be done to change the Batch_number, Batch_seq, and Page so it is no longer associated with the other 99 for the batch item. Please contact TA Support to have this done. Please identify another batch that we can associate the transaction with and provide that to support as well.