There are a few reasons why you may not be receiving test messages. Review the possibilities below.
  • If you have only tried sending the test message to your organization's email address, then try sending a test message to a webmail address like Gmail, or Yahoo, etc. If you were able to receive the test message in your webmail account, but not your organization email, then consult with your IT department and make sure the emails are not being blocked. What outgoing email server does the Luminate platform use?
  • Assuming you are able to receive the test messages at your organization's email, but not any webmail addresses, then check your DNS records to confirm that your sender domain is correctly configured with a Sender Policy Framework.
  • If you don't receive the test messages in your webmail or organization addresses, then check the subject line of your email message and confirm that any S-tags or other syntax is correct. Test messages can not be sent if there are syntax issues in the subject line.