The Detailed Sales Report by Sales Rep custom report includes a filter on Sales Rep. It is compatible with RMS version 1.2.
To add this report to RMS:
Note: This procedure must be completed for any workstation that needs this report.

1.    Close all applications on the workstation
2.    Download Custom_IMRwOHaRN.exe.  This is a self-extracting zip file containing the Custom Item Movement Report with On Hand and Reorder Number.
3.    Double-click the downloaded file and click Unzip.
Note: The file is extracted to the default installation directory for RMS reports (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Retail Management Systems\Store Operations\Reports).  If this is not the installed location, click Browse and select the RMS Reports directory, then click Unzip.

4.    If prompted to overwrite an existing file, click Yes
5.    Once the file is extracted, open Store Operations Manager
6.    Select Reports, Custom, Item Movement Report with On Hand and Reorder Number from the menu bar
7.    Select the appropriate report filters and click OK to run the report