Overidden Business unit segment not populating in batch

In marketing efforts, you have the option to override the business unit on the appeal and put a business unit on the segment. In batch, when you enter the source code with an overridden business unit, the segment's business unit does not reflect in batch. It only shows the appeal's business unit. After committing the batch, the committed transaction's record has the segment's business unit.
Were currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

1. From Marketing and Communications navigate to Communication Templates.
2. Add a new Communication template and include the optional template feature, override appeal business units in the effort and/or in segments.
3. Select Features and defaults, General: Add an appeal, specify a business unit and save.
4. On the business unit tab select a different business unit. 
5. Use any source code layout.
6. Create a new Direct Marketing Effort from the previously created template.
7. Add a constituent segment. Populate the package and source codes.
8. Active the Direct Marketing Effort.
9. Create a new enhanced revenue batch.
10. In the batch, add a constituent from the Marketing Effort segments.
11. Populate the required fields for a donation payment tied to the marketing effort and validate.
12. From the revenue tab click on Business Units. Note the business units are incorrectly set by the appeal.
13. Commit the batch, navigate to the revenue. Note the Business units are correctly set to the overridden segment’s business unit.


 Blackbaud CRM

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