CRM Transaction Record Created when attempts to use Paypal Secure Checkout is Interrupted or Incomplete

When attempting to process a transaction via Paypal Secure Checkout and that process is interrupted or otherwise incomplete, a transaction record is still created in CRM as if the payment was completed.
Blackbaud Internet Solutions does not support use of the Paypal Secure Checkout Page.  Any issues that occur as an attempt to utilize this component are custom and must be investigated and addressed by whomever is developing the custom functionality.  

Steps to Duplicate

1.   Navigate to the donation form
2.   Choose One-time gift and any donation amount. Click Next.
4.   Enter your contact information and choose Pay using PayPal. Click Next.
5.   Click Log In to log into PayPal. Enter PayPal credentials and click Log In.
6.   Without entering any payment information, click Review Donation and Continue. The page shows multiple field errors because no payment information was       entered. Return to donation page.
7.   Navigate to Web Transactions in CRM. 
8.   Under Pending transactions, click the expand chevron beside Donations and click Download.
9.   Once the download completes, navigate to Batch Entry and on the Uncommitted Batches tab, find the batch for online one time gifts. Click Edit.
10. The interrupted/unfinished donation is in the batch.


 Blackbaud CRM

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