This custom report will display the transaction numbers on the Accounts Receivable report. It also provides the user the ability to view the receipt of the specific transactions. The report is compatible with RMS version 1.3.
  1. Download ARRTrxDetails.exe.
  2. Save ARRTrxDetails.exe to the local hard drive of the workstation.
  3. Double-click ARRTrxDetails.exe.
  4. When prompted, unzip the files to the default installation directory for RMS reports (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Retail Management System\Store Operations\Reports). The .EXE file is a self-extracting zip file that contains Custom - Accounts Receivables Report with Trx Details.qrp.
  5. If prompted to overwrite an existing file, click Yes.
  6. Once the file is extracted, open Store Operations Manager.
  7. Select Reports, Custom, Accounts Receivables Report with Trx Details from the menu bar.
  8. Select the appropriate filters.
  9. Click OK to run the report. 

To drill down to the receipt details:

  1. Double-click the transaction number and it will open the receipt.

Note: These steps must be completed on each workstation that will run this report.