Profiles are marked inactive for many reasons.  The most common reason is because the donor is deceased or the business is no longer. Other fields on the profile are frequently modified at the time the profile is marked inactive and periodically checking to see the values on the other standard fields is a good data management exercise.

One possible exercise is to run the profile listing and select on Active Profile? = no and one or both of the Allow Mail and Solicitor values to see which profile might have choices conflicting with your internal policy (or whatever other fields you are concerned about)

Another option might be to create a datagrid to analyze.  To do this:
  1. Open Profiles
  2. Click the view selection drop-down and choose active profiles from the list.
  3. Click View Settings
  4. Click Save View As and name it Inactive Profiles
  5. Click OK and on the selection tab change the yes to a no and save.
  6. Click Generate
  7. You now have a grid of inactive profiles.  It is very easy to now check out the records.
If the fields you want to examine are not displayed in the grid, click View settings again and add the fields you want to see displayed in the columns tab.  Click Save and Generate.