Custom DLL is not appearing in CRM

After loading or deploying a custom .DLL to CRM, you may notice that it does not appear in CRM's Catalog Browser. The new features are not available for loading, and it appears that the DLL is not in CRM, despite the file correctly being in the bbappfx\vroot\bin\Custom folder.
Look at the contents of the .DLL in Visual Studio. For every .XML spec file in Visual Studio, the Build Action must be set to “Embedded Resource”.

This is a required setting for .DLLs to appear in CRM. If it is not set correctly, the DLL will still be created, but it won’t appear in CRM. Note that “Embedded Resource” is not the default setting, so it can be reset if the file is copied. Be sure to check this property after copying the .xml file, or modifying it in any way.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Create the custom .DLL from one or more specs
2) Copy the .DLL to the bbappfx\vroot\bin\Custom folder
3a) If self-hosted, load the .DLL
3b) If Blackbaud-hosted, send the .DLL to CRM Support for deployment

4) Go to Catalog Browser and look for the .DLL or its components


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