Ensure users have access to Dashboard in Database view:

1. Log into Financial Edge as a user that has rights to Set up System Security.
2. In any module select Administration.
3. Select Set up System Security.
4. Double-click on the user group for the user.
5. Highlight General Ledger on the left and mark Dashboard on the right.
6. Save and Close the user's security group.
7. Have the user select File, Exit and Sign out of Financial Edge to make the change take affect.

Ensure users have access to Analysis in FE NXT:

1. Log in to FENXT
2. Go to Control Panel
3. Click on the Security groups Tab.
4. Click on the group that the user is a member of.
5. On the next screen click the "Edit Rights" button in the tile called Analysis rights.
6. Mark the box for Access to Analysis. You can also give rights to specific types of analysis dashboards if needed.

Note: Users must have rights in RE NXT web view in order to access Development Analysis Dashboards.
7. Click Save to save this change on the tile and the next time the user logs in to FENXT they should have this ability.