Error: Address has more than two lines when running the Address Finder Process

In the exceptions list that is generated after running the Address Finder business process the error message "The address has more than two lines" may appear in the Message column of the output file.
This issue can arise as a limitation of Address Finder to only allow a maximum of two lines for the address, whereas CRM allows for more than two lines. The solution is to edit the address and remove any additional address lines such as for example, "Care of", so as to comply with the Address Finder limitation of two lines per address. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Administration\Tools\Data tune up\Address Finder tab
2. Click the hyperlink next to the name of an Address Finder process in the list that is shown
3. Go to the appropriate step of the Address Finder process in question and click the Start process button
4. After starting the process you will be directed to the process page\Recent status area
5. Note the status says "Completed with exceptions"
6. Click the button that says Download exceptions to view the exceptions from the process
7. Open the exception file and note the error " The address has more than two lines" in the Message column of the output file


 Blackbaud CRM

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