1. Select Administration > Merchant Accounts
  2. Click on New Merchant Account
  3. Use any name for the Name field.  This field is strictly for your reference inside The Raiser's Edge.
  4. The Process Mode field should be Live
  5. Select BeanStream for the Gateway field
  6. In the Gateway ID field, enter the Merchant ID number that was provided by BeanStream.  You can find this number by logging in to your Beanstream account at https://www.beanstream.com/admin/sDefault.asp and selecting Administration > Company Info
  7. The Password field should contain the password for the BeanStream User Login from Step 6
  8. Adjust the CSC and AVS levels if necessary.  Click here for more information on these security levels.
  9. Mark the credit cards types that will be accepted
  10. The Username field should contain the User Login that is used to log into BeanStream.  This BeanStream User Login must have  full access to Batch processing and Reporting in BeanStream
  11. The Company field should contain the Company Name provided by BeanStream
  12. Click Save to save the merchant account
Note: If the “Use username/password validation against transaction” option is enabled in the Order Settings section, the user specified must be this user.  The password must be the same password that is specified in the merchant account. 

Note: If you have completed all of the steps above and are still recieving the error, update your Bitstream password and remove any special characters.