What feature permissions are needed to retrieve the constituent on an unresolved online sponsorship

Testing this permission can be a lengthy process due to the nature of unresolved online sponsorships appearing infrequently and the record operation only being able to be performed once per sponsorship. The record operation requires feature permissions in a number of areas.
While we might be able to find the specific permissions needed we have narrowed it down to the following feature permission areas and some specific lists/operations within those areas:

Sponsorship - Datalists:
Gift Sponsorships by Financial Sponsor List
Save_Sponsorship Data List
Sponsorship CMS Data List
Sponsorship Data List
Sponsorship Form Merchant Account Data List
Sponsorship Gift Payment Data List
Sponsorship Unresolved Online Transactions Data List

Sales - Record Operations:
Order Clear
Sales Order Complete Order Record Operation (Wrapped)
Sales Order Complete Order Record Operation
Sales Order Update Status to Unresolved Record Operation
Sponsorship Sales Order Record Operation
Sponsorship Sales Order Retrieve Constituent

Sales - Data Lists:
Incomplete Online Sales Order Data List
Sales Order Bbpay Transaction Data List
Sales Order Donations List
Sales Order Donations Without Refunds List
Sales Order Item Donation Group Data List
Sales Order List
Sales Orders For Constituent Data List
Update Unmapped Transactions Process Status List

CMS Receipt Key By Revenue ID - Data Lists:
CMS Receipt Key By Revenue ID Data List

CMS SessionVariableBackup - Data Lists:
CMS SessionVariableBackup Data List
CMS SessionVariableBackupByType Data List

CMS SessionVariableBackup - Record Operations:
Archive DeadBBSP Transaction Record Operation
CMS SessionVariableBackup Record Operation


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