We can build the following query to show this information. The first field will pull anything that's applied to the specific designation that you may be looking at (this field is optional). The second field will pull only outright donation, pledges, or pledge payments. The last field will pull any pledges that don't have payments. by using a field like "Amount" is blank, we are excluding any pledges that have payments on them. 
  1. Click on the Analysis tab at the top of Altru, Click Information Library, Select Add an Ad-hoc query > Choose the source view of Revenue
  2. On the left Expand Application Details > In the middle select Designation system record ID > Move to Include records where and set equal to your designation
  3. In the middle select application > Move to Include records where and set is one of Donation, Pledge
  4. On the left select Pledge Payments > In the middle select Amount > Move to Include records where and set is blank
  5. Output any fields you would like to see in Results fields to display
  6. Preview your Query
  7. Save and Close
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