Error: "Please enter a valid 'Constituencies.' - when updating a constituent via Constituent Update batch and import.

Batch exception error: “Please enter a valid ‘Constituencies'.” when updating a constituent via Constituent Update Batch and Import. This occurs when importing a constituent with an existing constituency on the record, and the imported constituency is the same as the existing one.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information. If you are experiencing this error please chat with support. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1.  Select the Constituent tab
  2.  Click Batch entry
  3.  Click Batch templates under Tasks
  4.  Click Add
  5.  Create a batch template based on a Constituent Update Batch
  6.  Make sure the fields include: Constituency, Last Name, and LookupID. Save the template
  7. Select the Administration tab. Click Imports
  8. Click Generate header file. Select the template you just made. Fill out this spread sheet with an existing constituent filling out required fields. Be sure to input an existing constituency on their record in the constituency field. Save the file 
  9. Repeat Step 7. Click add. Choose the template we created
  10. Attach the file created in step 8
  11. Map the fields. Make sure to map the constituency collection field
  12. Make sure the Set option>>Other tabs have Quick find selected
  13.  Save
  14.  Start process > Go to the Batch created by the process
  15.  In the batch, click the red X. Observe error


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