BG 2419204:
New SGs loaded to existing sustainers with CC rejects are getting the Date_Last_Pulled value from the resident pledge, when the newly uploaded pledge contains a B% Pay Method and new alias.  The desired behavior is that the Date_Last_Pulled is null so that the pledge will be pulled for the next run of Charge Processing.

This is fixed in 5.0.20. If a client is on TA 5.0.18 or lower, then they will also need fixes for BG 2405469 and BG 2413508. If they are on 5.0.19, they will NOT need these two other fixes, as they are already included in their version.

BG 2426421:
If a user is doing an adjustment to an IN or SG charge pledge (with Bank Approval Status RR) and changes the Payment Method (clearing the payment method info) before entering some new charge info, the pledge will end up with the Date Last Pulled from the RR Transaction and the Bank Approval Status of NE. This is a problem because the pledge should be able to charge right away but now instead will not be charged until another payment cycle has passed.

This is fixed in 5.0.21, it's recommended to provide this fix along with the fix for BG 2419204 if they do not already have it.

The fix for this bug ensures that the Date Last Pulled will be nulled out and Bank Approval Status will be set to 'NE' on the posted transaction when you change charge card info on the batch item (have to use a new card number, not reuse one that has been used before on it). It will remove the Date Last Pulled if the bank approval status is NR or RR, but not AP or NE.  If it was rejected, it can be charged right away with the new charge card info, but if the previous payment was approved or if it has not been charged yet, it will keep the Date Last Pulled and continue charging on that schedule. When adjusting an SG PL, this will handle both "adjusting existing" and "create new" choices.