NOTE: The progress meter will reflect all donations made to the donation campaign, and not the donation form.  If you want the thermometer to only reflect donations made on one form, this form will need to be in it's own donation campaign. 

You can add a default or custom thermometer directly to a donation form by using the HTML Caption data element on the donation form:
  1. Select Fundraising > Donation Management
  2. Select All Donation Forms tab
  3. Click Edit next to the donation form
  4. Select Design Donor Screens
  5. Click Edit next to Donation Form
  6. Under Select Data Elements to Include in the Form, click HTML Caption
  7. Click Add
  8. If needed, use the top and bottom Order buttons to move the HTML Caption element order
  9. Click Save Order and Edit Selected
  10. In the Plain Text Editor view, select Progress Meters > Donation Campaigns from the Components drop-down menu
  11. Click Insert next to the donation campaign 
  12. Under Progress Meter Goal, enter the donation campaign goal
  13. Under Progress Image, select the desired thermometer image
  14. Click Insert
  15. Click Save