1. Close out of the report in Crystal Reports
  2. In the Blackbaud application, edit the Export and add the new fields
  3. Click Export Now to update the .mdb file
  4. Click Save and Close on the Export
  5. Open the report in Crystal Reports
  6. Go to Database > Verify Database
Check to see if the new fields have been added by going to View > Field Explorer and looking for them under Database Fields

If you do not see the fields, perform the following steps:
  1. Go to Database > Database Expert
  2. On the left side, expand on Create New Connection > Database Files
  3. Locate the export .mdb file and open it
  4. Highlight the .mdb file and click the double-right arrow button to bring over the new tables
  5. Go to the Links tab in the top left
  6. Update all new table joins to Left Outer Join
  7. Click OK