You can use a URL hacking technique to find various objects on the backend of Luminate by using the identification numbers located in the URL of the page. For example, your donation form URL might look something like this:

Follow the steps below to find the form on the backend.
  1. Notate the ID in the URL after df_id=
  2. Navigate to Fundraising > select Donation Management
  3. Select the All Donation Forms tab
  4. Click Edit next to any donation form (it doesn't matter which one you choose)
  5. Replace the number after df_id in your address bar with the ID noted earlier (1300 in this example)
The finished URL might look something like this:

You are now on the editing screen of your donation form where you can notate the name of the form and edit it if desired. You can use this same technique with most of the modules in Luminate Online, such as Surveys, TeamRaiser, Calendar Events and more.