Citibank Merchant Services, Wells Fargo Merchant Services, Bank of America Merchant Services, and Paymentech are setup as Microsoft Retail Management System Preferred Acquirers and offer fully integrated credit and debit processing to merchants with Microsoft Retail Management System version 1.2 service pack 2. This eliminates the need to purchase and install middleware, such as IC Verify and PC Charge allowing merchants to benefit from the full payment processing capabilities of Microsoft Retail Management System out-of-the-box, while helping to reduce associated complexities and costs.

Pre-configuration steps:
  1. Verify Microsoft Retail Management System version 1.2 SP2 is installed.
  2. Apply with a preferred acquirer (assuming you do not already have a merchant account established)
  3. Once this is done, you will receive an activation letter containing the merchant account information, which is needed below.
Set the EDC Merchant and Bank fields:
  1. Open Store Operations Administrator and select File, Configuration from the menu bar
  2. Select the EDC tab and select the Use electronic draft capture software to verify credit card transactions option
  3. From the EDC software drop-down list, select Credit/Debit Card Processing or the third party that processes the credit/debit card transactions
  4. Click Advanced Options
  5. Select the Bank tab. From the merchant's activation letter, enter the Acquiring Bank Identification Number (BIN), Agent Bank Number, and Agent Chain Numbers fields.
  6. Select the Merchant tab and enter the merchant fields
Note: There may be an Advanced button in the lower-left of the Merchant tab. Values accessed through the Preferred Acquirer Advanced Options would not normally be changed. Changing these fields to incorrect values results in payment processing failures. The purpose of this dialog box is in case the preferred acquirer changes the defaults for these fields, then Store Operations can be reconfigured for the new values without a software update.
  1. Verify the entries are correct and click OK.

Settle transactions for credit/debit card processing:
  1. Log into Store Operations Manager
  2. Select Utilities, Settle EDC Batch from the menu bar
  3. The Settle EDC Batch dialog box shows a list of all pending credit card transactions. To see the details of a particular transaction, highlight the transaction and click View. When you're finished reviewing the transaction, click Close.
  4. Click Settle, then Yes to confirm. Store Operations sends the batch of transactions to the Vital Processing Services LLC or to the transaction processor configured during the EDC software configuration step.
  5. When Store Operations receives confirmation through the transaction processor that the transactions settled, a confirmation is displayed. Click OK.
  6. A merchant can subsequently view settlements through an Active Report as shown in the figure below.
Note: If there is an error in any of the Store Operations configuration settings, none of the transactions settle and Store Operations displays an error message. Close Store Operations Manager, start Store Operations Administrator, and then check and correct the configuration settings.