1.    Close all applications on the workstation
2.    Download NoAccount.exe.  This is a self-extracting zip file containing the Customer List for Mailing. It is compatible with RMS version 1.2.
3.    Double-click the downloaded file and click Browse.
4.    Select the folder where the receipt templates are saved and click Unzip
5.    If prompted to overwrite an existing file, click Yes
6.    Once the file is extracted, open Store Operations Manager
7.    Select Database, Registers, Receipt Formats from the menu bar
8.    Highlight the appropriate receipt format and click Properties
9.    Click browse for each receipt which will use the new template 
10.    Select NoAccount.xml and click Open
11.    Click OK, Close
12.    Restart the POS application on any station that will use this new receipt for the changes to take effect.