1. In Store Operations Point of Sale, enter the customer which is purchasing an item (optional):
  1. Click Set Customer or press F7
  1. Search for the customer by last name
  1. Highlight the customer and click OK
  1. Ring up the item that the customer is purchasing:
  1. Click Lookup or press F2
  1. Search for the item by Lookup Code, Item Type, Description, Available Quantity, or Price. The lookup defaults to Lookup Code, but to change the default, click on the column heading of another field
  1. Highlight the item you are selling and click OK
  1. The Quantity and Price can be modified by entering the appropriate information in the Quantity and Price field
  1. Tender the sale:
  1. Click Tender or press F12
  1. Enter the amount that the customer is paying beside the method of payment
  1. Click OK
  1. After the transaction is complete, and change can be given
  1. Click Close