A new voucher can be issued if a customer misplaces or loses a voucher (gift certificate or gift card), or if there is a need to transfer funds from existing vouchers to a new voucher. The old voucher would no longer be valid at the point-of-sale.
To transfer funds, create a new voucher with a different serial number and then use the applicable tender type (i.e. Voucher, Gift Card, etc.) to transfer the credit and tender the sale. The user must know the voucher/serial number of the voucher that was misplaced or lost.

To transfer the balance to a new voucher:
  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + F3 to look up or confirm the voucher's balance. The Voucher Details window appears.
  1. To see the old voucher's balance, enter the number (serial number) of the voucher that was misplaced or lost. Press Enter or click Find.
Note: Write down both the amount and voucher number because they will need to be entered in a later step.
  1. Press Enter to return to the Transaction screen.
  1. Ring up the new voucher that will replace the old/existing voucher. If it is not known, press F2, select the applicable voucher item, and then press Enter.
  1. Set this voucher's price equal to the balance of the old voucher. For example, if the old voucher's balance was $25.00, you should enter $25.00 in the Price field for the new voucher.
  1. Enter the new voucher/serial number for the voucher item that was just rang up, or press Alt-L to look up the applicable voucher number. The Serial Number window contains all the voucher numbers that have not yet been sold.
  1. Press F12 to display the Tender window.
  1. In the applicable tender type field (i.e., Voucher, Gift Card), enter the voucher credit/amount that will be transferred to the voucher just rang up on the transaction screen and press Enter.
  1. When the Voucher Verification window appears, enter the associated serial number of the OLD/EXISTING voucher - the voucher that was lost and will no longer be valid. Press Enter.
Note: After concluding the sale, press Ctrl + Shift + F3 and look at the details for the OLD voucher. You will see that the balance is $0.00, which means that the funds have been transferred from this old voucher to the new voucher.