Vouchers can include gift certificates and gift cards. A gift card acts like a debit card. Customers can pre-pay a certain amount towards the gift card. The next time, a customer uses the gift card, the sales transaction amount is deducted from the gift card.

Customers can purchase vouchers and redeem them. The voucher holder can spend any amount up to the voucher's limit, and the giver can renew the card repeatedly. Store Operations tallies cardholder purchases against a pre-purchased amount, and then recharges the voucher against a credit card, a store account or other tender. Store Operations prints receipts that document every purchase.

Before you can use vouchers at the point-of-sale, you need to create both the voucher item and the voucher tender type. This way, you can both sell and redeem vouchers at the point-of-sale. In case a customer loses a particular voucher, the cashier can also transfer credit from the existing voucher to a new voucher.

  1. Launch Store Operations Manager.
  2. From the Database menu choose Tender Types. In the Tender Types window click New. 
  3. In the Description field type the name of the tender type (Example: Gift Card).
  4. Enter the tender code for this tender type in the Tender Code field. 
  5. In the Tender Type field select Voucher.
  6. Use the Display Order field in the Register Settings section to determine where this tender type will appear in the list of tender types in Store Operations POS. If you want it to appear on top of the list, enter the value 1. If you want it to appear on the bottom of the list, enter the new lowest value of the display order list.
  7. Click OK and the new tender type will be created.
Note - Each POS station must Z out in order for this change to go into effect.

How to Create the Voucher
  1. Launch Store Operations Manager.
  2. Create a new item for the voucher (Database \ Items \ New \ Standard Item).
  3. Enter the desired Item Lookup Code and Description (Example: Voucher).
  4. On the Item Type field, select Voucher from the drop-down list.
  5. Click the Serial tab and choose the Add button to insert Voucher ID (serial) numbers for your vouchers.
  6. Select the Serial Number Count you wish to use (1, 2, or 3 serial numbers).
  7. You can add the serial numbers individually in the Serial Number field(s) by typing the number and clicking OK. Or you can add multiple instances of the same serial number by utilizing the Automatically Generate Serial Numbers option in the Options section. Insert quantity in the Number to Create field.
    Note: You can add a series of unique serial numbers by utilizing the Automatically Generate Serial Numbers and Start S/N # With options in the Options section. Also, if you want a serial number prefix, use the option Serial Number X prefix field. For example, you want your serial number format to use the number series 100-01 through 100-10. You would populate the prefix box with the value 100-. In the Options section, mark the Automatically Generate Serial Numbers option and enter the Number to Create field with the value of 10. Lastly, in the Start S/N # With field insert the value 01. Click OK and Store Operations will enter the serial numbers 100-01 through 100-10 automatically.
  8. In the Inventory tab, enter the quantity of vouchers you have in stock into the On Hand field.
  9. In the Pricing tab, to enter the pre-defined amount (Example: $25) in the Price field. If you are not selling vouchers with pre-defined amounts, leave the Price field at $0.00. Then mark the Must Enter Price at POS option in the Options tab. The cashier will then be required to enter a price for each Voucher in Store Operations POS.
    Note: If using pre-defined amounts you must create a new Voucher item for each pre-defined amount.
  10. Click OK to save the new Voucher item entry.

How to Sell the Voucher
Note: This solution will vary depending on whether the voucher or gift card has a pre-defined amount assigned to it or not.
  1. Launch Store Operations POS.
  2. Either manually enter or scan the item lookup code for the voucher you are selling.
  3. Enter the voucher serial number when the Voucher or Gift Card window appears. You can also choose from the list of voucher numbers by clicking the Lookup button on the window.
    Note: If you enter a Voucher number that is not listed from the available numbers, Store Operations will ask if you would like to create the serial number. If you have the appropriate privileges assigned (Store Operations Manager \ File \ Configuration \ Options tab) you can define the new serial number in Store Operations POS.
    a. If the Voucher item has a predefined sale amount (Example: $25.00) the price will appear on the transaction screen.
    b. If the Voucher does NOT have a pre-defined price you will need to enter the amount in the Item Price window immediately following the serial number entry.
  4. You can now enter the remaining items of your transaction, if necessary, and proceed to the Tender option by pressing the F12 key and tendering the sale.
    Note: Do NOT use the Voucher tender type when selling a voucher. Use the Voucher tender type only when the customer redeems the Voucher or when adding additional credit to the voucher. After selling the voucher you can view the Voucher history by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + F3 keys. Enter the applicable serial number of the Voucher's history you wish to view. You should use this feature to check the customer's voucher balance.

How to Redeem the Voucher
  1. Enter or scan the customer's items being purchased in the Store Operations POS transaction screen.
  2. When tendering the sale (F12 key), enter the amount of the voucher that will be applied toward the total sale amount in the Voucher tender type field.
  3. Note - If the customer wants to pay a portion of the sale by other means (i.e. cash, credit card, charge account, etc.) then enter the applicable amount in the appropriate tender field.
  4. Press Enter to display the Voucher Verification Window.
  5. Enter the voucher serial number being used and press Enter.


Note: Store Operations will display a window asking which voucher number you want to use if there are duplicate voucher ID numbers.

Note: After selling the voucher you can view the voucher history by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + F3 keys. Enter the applicable serial number of the voucher you wish to view. You should use this feature to check the customer's voucher balance