The All Centers option will appear if the center admin group has any permissions outside of their center's Security Category. To remove those permissions, follow the steps below.
  1. Navigate to Constituent360 > select Groups
  2. Select the Administrator Group List tab
  3. Find your Center admin group and click Edit Permissions
  4. Click "View all permissions for (name of center)"
This will show you the permissions that the center group currently has. Look under the Security Category column and make sure the only category showing in the list is the admin's center security category. If there are any other security categories listed, then they should be removed. Notate the "Type of Permission" and remove the permissions as necessary.
  1. From the Group Permissions tab, select the Type of Permission that you would like to remove
  2. Click Choose
  3. If any Default Permission is set, then change it to "No additional permissions"
  4. If any override is set, then change that to "No additional permissions" as well
  5. Click Save