Error: Record not found, when clicking on Constituent link from Stewardship Plan

While in a stewardship plan, when clicking on a constituents name there is an error:Record not found, instead of going to the constituent page. 
The root cause to the error was that the context ID was looking at the wrong ID, it should be looking at Constituent ID. I have listed the steps below to fix this,

1.    Go to the stewardship plan
2.    Click on design mode in the top right hand corner of the page
3.    Click Properties
4.    Click on the ContextLinks button
5.    Click on the Edit button
6.    Click on the ContextID button
7.    Replace the text information with =Fields!CONSTITUENTID

Steps to Duplicate

​1. Go to a stewardship plan
2. Click on the constituents name
3. Error: Record not found

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