There are a couple things that can cause the delay in the Wealth Rating service.
  1. If you have an AddressFinder NCOA service scheduled to run the same morning, the NCOA will run first to ensure Wealth Rating has updated address information to go on. Please wait until the NOCA service runs and the Wealth Rating service should follow soon after.
  2. Check your user preferences (Under Management > My User > Preferences) to ensure the user that scheduled the service has the correct settings.
After verifying both of those items, follow these steps to cancel* and reschedule the service:
  1. Log into eTapestry
  2. Click Management > Wealth Rating
  3. Click Cancel
  4. Click Yes when you see the notification "Are you sure you want to cancel this scheduled Wealth Rating service?"
  5. Make your selections again and click Schedule
If Wealth Rating fails to run after you reschedule, please contact support and reference this article ID.

*Important Note: You must cancel the scheduled service before you reschedule it to make sure it is properly cancelled. If you only edit the schedule to change the date you could run into the same problem again.
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