Blackbaud is unable to address this issue because it is related to third-party software. Contact the third-party vendor for assistance.

Alternative solution:

The steps below use the example of trying to find inventory as of 12/31/02.
  1. Run an Items, Value List Report. This runs the report as of the current date. 
  2. Run an Items, Item Movement Report. Set your Filter Field to 'Date' and Range to 'This Year-to-Date'. 
  3. In order to add Department or Category fields to the report, right-click the report and select 'Hide/Unhide Columns'. 
  4. Place a checkmark next to the column name to add, most likely Department or Category, depending on which column you want to sort by and click OK. 
  5. In order to sort by this column, click and drag the column to the first column position. Next click on the Group by drop down box on the top of the report and select 'Group First Column' to make sure that you are grouping by your selected column. 
  6. Subtract the total inventory cost per Department or Category in the second report from the inventory cost on the 1st to get the inventory cost as of 12/31/02.