1.    Exit Store Operations POS and open Store Operations Manager
2.    Select Database, Tender Types from the menu bar 
3.    Note the Display Order in the Tender Types window
Note: If your Tender Types do not have a display order assigned, highlight the Tender Type, click Properties, assign a Display Order, and click OK. Repeat this step for each tender type and close the window when finished.

4.    Click Close
5.    Select File, Configuration from the menu bar
6.    Select the Options tab and click the General Options folder to expand the options
7.    Unmark the Force open/close amounts checkbox and click OK
8.    Open Store Operations POS
9.    Press F5, select Print Z report and click OK
10.    Click Yes in the Close Batch window to close the batch. 

The next time you need to close a batch, the Tender Types will be available when you select Enter Opening or Closing amounts