This information is a supplement to our system requirements, your primary information source when purchasing new hardware and installing or upgrading third-party software. We do not test all third-party products with our software. We consider our access to each product, its usage by our customers, and the most current release when we plan our testing.

Compatible = Compatible \ Not Compatible = Not Compatible
Product NameSQL Server 2000 MSDESQL Server 2000 Standard or
Enterprise Edition (SP3 and SP4)
SQL Server 2005 ExpressSQL Server 2005 Standard, Workgroup, or
Enterprise Edition
RMS 1.0CompatibleCompatibleNot CompatibleNot Compatible
RMS 1.1CompatibleCompatibleNot CompatibleNot Compatible
RMS 1.2 (SP1, SP2, SP3)CompatibleCompatibleNot CompatibleNot Compatible
RMS 2.0Not CompatibleNot CompatibleCompatibleCompatible
QuickSell 2000Not CompatibleNot CompatibleNot CompatibleNot Compatible
QuickSell CommerceNot CompatibleNot CompatibleNot CompatibleNot Compatible