Dongles are required for all versions up to 2.0.

Version 2.0 no longer requires a dongle to verify the software license.

Activation in version 2.0 reduces software piracy by authenticating the software as a genuine, fully licensed copy. Users will need a separate copy of the software for each computer where store Operations POS is run to have their own license. When the user first run Store Operations POS, they will be prompted to activate the software.

Activation is not required on back-office computers where the user only wants to run Store Operations Administrator and Store Operations Manager.

If the user ever needs to reinstall Store Operations on the same computer where it was installed previously, they will need to activate the software again. Usually, the same product key can be used as before.

If the user has an internet connection, they can quickly and easily activate the software over the internet. Otherwise, it can be activated by telephone.

1. Start Store Operations POS
2. When the activation Wizard Starts, follow the instructions in the Activation Wizard