In WordPress 
  1. Go to: Appearance > Menus
  2. On the Edit Menus tab, choose: Social Navigation (Social Media Icons) from the dropdown labeled - Select a menu to edit:
  3. Click: Select 
  4. From the options on the left, choose: Custom Links 
  5. Enter the URL to your social media page and the Link Text 
  6. Click Add 
  7. The new link will be added on the right under: Menu Structure
  8. Hover over the newly added link and click the down arrow to expand the link options 
  9. Click the link at the bottom of the dialog box: Font Awesome Icon Title (full list here) -  to go to the Font Awesome site
  10. In the "Search Icons" box, search for the social media icon you want to add for the link
  11. The icons should automatically display just below the search bar
  12. Click the icon to see the Font Awesome icon name 
  13. Copy the Font Awesome name. Example - "fa-linkedin-square"
  14. Remove "fa-" from the beginning of the Font Awesome icon name - Example - "linkedin-square"
  15. Go back to Wordpress and paste the Font Awesome icon name (with the "fa" removed) in space provided  *NOTE: You must remove the "fa" from the Font Awesome icon name or it will not display.
  16. Click: Save Menu. 
*Note: To remove an existing Social Media link, Expand the unwanted social media link box and click Remove.