Committee Page is re-directed to Constituent Page

In CRM version 4.0 some users will find the Committees page defaults to the constituents page. While in 3.0 it will go to a Committees page directly. 
This is actually the way 4.0 works with Committees now. In version 3.0 when you open a committee page it is actually a constituent page you see,  the difference is that the sub tabs you see are controlled by the record type, in that case committees, and is used to control what tabs you see on the page. In version 4.0 the option to edit the page to show the committee data on the page is no longer an option. The committee page you see in 4.0 now is correct in the sense that's the way 4.0 is going to display those pages. If you look at the sub tabs they are correct and the same from 3.0 to 4.0 they just added a few more tabs to be used in committees. Basically this is displaying the committee page the way 4.0 is set up for this now. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. From the CRM home page choose Constituents > Committee search
2. Select a committee from the search list
3. Page will display

In 3.0 follow the same steps but notice the page appears different.


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