For example, if the KPI Board says you have 50 Applications but you know you have 55 and your list shows 55.

To run the list, navigate to:
onBoard > Lists > Work Lists
  1. Click > New Work List in the right hand column
  2. Title the List and click Save
  3. Select + Criteria and mark off Entering Year, and Checklist Status
  4. Click Apply
  5. In the Entering Year dropdown select your Current Admissions Year as defined in Core
  6. In the Checklist Status dropdown Select Checklist Status Applicant
  7. Click Run Results
  8. Then Click Export in the bottom left
  9. In the same list run above, click the X to remove the Checklist Status, and click + Criteria
  10. Mark Application and click Apply
  11. In the Application dropdown select Manually Uploaded and Processed
  12. Click Run Results
  13. Compare the Users on this list to the Users in the list above, which ever ones are NOT on this list are the users that do not actually have Applications Processed or Uploaded but the Checklist Step completed.

To fix this for these users, navigate to:
  1. onBoard > People Finder
  2. Search for the User
  3. Select the Checklist Tab
  4. Change the Application Step to Awaiting
  5. Then Impersonate the Parent (or have the Parent submit the Application) more than likely they had fields that were not filled out that were required
Once it is submitted successfully, you can then follow the instructions for Where do I process an application?