Card Fulfillment and eCards are 2 separate functions in eCommerce. To edit the subject line for eCards in your Store, they will need to be set up within the individual Products and Card Fulfillment should be disabled or deleted.
  1. Select Fundraising > eCommerce
  2. Select the Stores tab
  3. Find and Edit your Store
  4. Click Card Fulfillment
  5. Under Card Fulfillment, unmark "Yes, enable card fulfillment for this store"
    1. If you would like to use eCards with Printable Cards, then leave Card Fulfillment enabled.
    2. Click eCards under Card Fulfillment
    3. Click Delete for all of the eCards
Now that eCards in Card Fulfillment has been disabled/deleted, we'll need to add the eCards to the eCommerce Products.
  1. Select Fundraising > eCommerce
  2. Find the Product and click Edit
  3. Click eCard Configuration
  4. Under Link eCards, mark the first or second option (recommended: Use eCards selected below)
  5. Under option 2, add the eCards
  6. Click Save
You will now be able to modify the default eCard Subject Line within the eCard Form Page in the eCommerce Store.

Note: Card Fulfillment will appear before the eCommerce purchase whereas the Product eCards will appear after the purchase on the payment confirmation screen.