After Appeal Mailing is sent via Email, we are unable to edit the letter to change the selection associated with the mailing. Instead, we would want to copy the Appeal Mailing and attach the correct selection of constituents after sending the test email. Copying the mailing will copy the letter and other settings that you configured in the first email. If any changes need to be made to the letter, you can make them at this time prior to sending the email. 

Step 1: Create a Selection that contains the Test Constituent
  1. From Analysis, Click Information Library > Add an Ad-hoc Query
  2. Choose the Source View of Constituents
  3. In the middle select Constituent Record > Move to Include records where and set equal to the Constituent you will be sending the test email to
  4. Navigate to the Set Save Options Tab
    1. Name the Query 
    2. Check the box 'Create a Selection'
  5. Save and Close
Step 2: Create and run your Appeal Mailing
  • Note: When adding a selection of Constituents, select the selection we created above.
Step 3: Copy your Appeal
  1. From Marketing and Communications, Select Appeal Mailings
  2. Select the Arrows to the left of your Appeal > Copy the Mailing
  3. Update the selection to include the constituents you will be mailing and make any adjustments to the letter
  4. Run the mailing