Please complete the following 5 actions to complete a SKY API call successfully.

1) Developer must sign-up for a developer account 
2) Developer must request and be approved for an API subscription key. It will be automatically approved if the developer is already a user in an NXT tenant/environment.
3) Developer creates an application, using the Endpoint Reference to send data to NXT, and registers it to his/her Developer Account. Registering it creates an Application ID.
4) The Developer sends the Application ID to an Admin user of the NXT tenant. The admin uses the ID to allow the Application to access the NXT tenant's data.
5) Authenticated End User(s) must authorize application

*Note* API Calls are made in the context of an authenticated end user accessing a specific NXT tenant.  The API respects the user's and product's security settings.  API calls require an API subscription key (#2 above) and a OAuth 2.0 access token (#5 above)

Note: A user must have supervisor rights in RE to use SKY API

To learn more about getting started please visit our SKY API developer portal