Sales by price type report shows no results for an event in which tickets were sold

When using the Sales by price type report, you may notice that you are receiving no results, even for an event were tickets were sold and all the orders in the event have been completed. 
This report is reporting on the tickets sold on the date/date range you chose in the reports filter. For example if you have an event on 1/1/2016, and no tickets were sold that day, this report will be blank.However, if you sold all the tickets to that event on the same day of the event, then this report will be more accurate. This means that this report is reporting on sales from that date/date range and not event statistics from that same date/date range. If you want to know the price types sold for an event try using the Event Attendence report instead, as it filters on events rather than sales orders. You can also query on this information.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Select the Sales tab > Click Sales by Price Type report
  2. In the Program field select the program in question
  3. Choose all Sales methods. 
  4. Set the report type to Detailed. 
  5. Change the date to the date of the event in question. 
  6. Run the report, see that there are no results. 

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